Daxing District committee, political and legal committee secretary Liu Yang to the town of yinghai investigation

On February 8, Liu Yang, member of the standing Committee of the District Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, visited yinghai Town for research.Comrade Liu Yang inspected the implementation of the “four-piece set” measures at the gate of the community for epidemic prevention and control at the west gate of Nanhai Jiayuanliuli, visited the Community Party Committee to learn about the community management and organizational structure of the town, and visited the Corridor of party history.Then to the South China Sea jiayuan one li to check the operation and management of the community police station.In conclusion, Comrade Liu Yang stressed the importance of epidemic prevention and control.We must keep the strings of epidemic prevention and control tight at all times, and continue to carry out regular epidemic prevention and control work.Xi called for strengthening on-duty duties, giving full play to party members, cadres and volunteers, and strictly and meticulously implementing epidemic prevention and control measures.Give full play to the role of Party members and cadres.Party officials have played a pioneering and exemplary role in the collection of property fees, epidemic prevention and control, and volunteer services.We should continue to support and guide the old cadres and party members to give play to surplus heat and give suggestions and suggestions for the construction of yinghai.Effectively ensure the security and stability of the jurisdiction.Establish and improve the operation mechanism of police station, sinking police force, moving forward police, through police “reduce distance” in exchange for community residents “less errands”, and comprehensively implement the work of receiving police, mediating disputes and serving the masses.

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