The top five things guys wear that girls hate the most

Most people may not have noticed, but there are five ways a guy can be super annoying to his lady, especially the last one, which 90 percent of guys have worn.Let’s take a look if you don’t believe me.First, wear socks under sandals.In the past two years, this kind of dress has gradually decreased, and it was thought that only middle-aged and old men would like to wear this kind of dress.When summer comes, I see some young men on the street wearing such clothes. I admit that some socks and sandals are fashionable, but you can’t afford to wear them at random.Especially gray socks with cowhide sandals, and some boys like silk socks and sandals, ask him why so wear, he is cool, but not wear is not cooler?Two, underwear edge exposed.Some boys may be influenced by a underwear advertisement and think that exposing the side of the underwear is a fashionable way to wear, but in fact it is very tight.No girl thinks it’s cool to wear a man’s underwear exposed, and maybe even gross.Remember, any revealing outfit is deadly to a guy.What shirt buttons open, revealing the panda sling vest, revealing two or three hair can instantly worship light all the good feelings of girls.Think about it, do you really want the sides of your underwear hanging out?Leggings and bean shoes are number one on the most hated list of girls.This looks like a social shock to the youth.If you don’t want to impress a girl, you might want to put your tights away, at least not when you’re dating a girl.Wear polo shirt with the collar up, many boys will like to wear polo shirt, it is absolutely necessary for leisure business men, wear it high-end atmosphere and grade, low-key luxury connotation.Little do they know that polo shirts have been listed by many girls as the wear list of middle-aged and older men.Young men want to wear polo shirts in style, which tests your figure and temperament.Do not have an inverted eight-pack triangle, of course, but do not try, otherwise it will only outline your teenage fat belly.Not to mention the fact that some men like to turn up the collars of their polo shirts, making a well-rounded outfit suddenly uninhibited.With leggings and long bangs, we’re going straight back to the early 20th century.5. Trouser pockets bulging.A lot of guys have done this before.It’s understandable that guys don’t like backpacks, but stuffing trouser pockets is going too far.Especially in summer, the thin pocket is filled with cigarette case and mobile phone keys, no matter how well you wear, it can also make you break work in a second.Want to say against, the shoulder bag that the boy carries on the back now sports bag also has a lot of handsome design, go to the convenience on the back agile, still can match clothes concave modelling, why must all things all fill in the body above 5 kinds of girls most hate to wear build, did you recruit?If you don’t know what to wear, leave it in the comments and I’ll give you some suggestions for what to wear this spring.- Full text –

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